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Level of Consciousness - Inner Will

The level of Inner Will has a noticeable increase in optimism for life that creates an opening into higher levels of consciousness. A certain inner strength and ability to rise above mediocrity is noticeable here. Resistance to change and life is released, freeing up much energy for productivity and advancement. This is the place of an optimistic “can-do” attitude that allows for success in endeavors. Inspiration for new ideas is common, and it is not unusual for a person with Inner Will to be an entrepreneur.

The openness in Inner Will has more connection with the Heart and allows for greater learning and advancement in life. One seeks to serve others, and finds that life responds to this generosity in kind. People here are usually confident, optimistic, helpful, cheerful, generous, and service oriented.

The downside to this level is that energy can be somewhat scattered and unrealistically optimistic. Although it is a big opening compared to higher levels, the softer qualities of allowance, balance and harmony are missing.

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

• Greatly increased positivity that allows for the ascension to higher levels
• Inner resistance to life has been overcome
• Optimistic outlook - example of a cup being
half full
• This level allows for the achievement of
success through one's endeavours
• It is a big opening to life
• Friendly & social people, helpful to society
• Willingness to face inner issues
• Good at learning and self correcting
• High self esteem
• Intention and hope for change
• Lots of Inspiration
• Intuition arises
• Cheerful, helpful, voluntary
• Benevolent, Humanitarian
• Supportive, service to others
• Right brain activation
• Connectedness with the Heart

Associated Meditation Practices:

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Some books that may be helpful include:

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Associated Videos:

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Self-Empowerment (Levels of Consciousness)

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Higher Vibrational Living: Golden Rules of Manifestation

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Emotional Enquiry Practice

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Music that support this LOC:

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Let Go & Feel Free

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