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Yoga is the process of our inner evolution or a movement towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of existence. 

Yoga of NOW is a highly advanced, integrative system that utilizes the ancient science of Kriya Yoga under two realized teachers' guidance. This course serves as an initiation into the path of Self Realization – a step-by-step practical approach to raising one’s consciousness.

All these areas of focus are intricately interconnected: Yoga as a personal growth process reveals the basic dynamic stuff of the universe as spiritual energy - divine mother or Mahashakti! With the recognition of the divine PRANA as the basic energy which sustains the entire universe, we may realize its presence within ourselves.


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KRIYA YOGA or The Dynamization of the Coiled Energy: 

Yoga of NOW is mostly focused on the energetic balancing of the human body-mind mechanism. The Kundalini energy governs the main energy circuit in the body. Modern man has allowed his pranic energies to be dissipated indiscriminately through incessant sense and ego gratification. To raise our consciousness through different spiritual practices such as meditation, we need to generate a surplus of prana or vital energy. With the help of specific Kriya Yoga practices, prana becomes free from the usual mental tyrannies and functions as a purifying force wherever it is needed within the person.  In this regard, Kriyas are powerful techniques that help remove the energy blockages in the body and restore the free energy flow through a unique combination of Asanas, Pranayamas, and different Kumbhakas (retentions), and visualizations.


Why Is There a Need For PURIFICATION?

Impurities arise from desires, self-gratification, and self-interest.  Kriyas are powerful methods of purification. They purify the energy body and, thus, the nervous system. After an active process of purification, the energy body awakens, and it can result in the activation of the tremendous dormant energy or Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini's aroused power affects both the autonomic nervous system, which functions by pranic intelligence alone, and the central nervous system, which functions under mental control.  Through this course of upward ascending electric dynamization, the nervous and glandular systems are nourished and revitalized - this, in turn, removes disease and prepares the body and mind for higher states of consciousness.

In yoga practice and concentration, the vital instinctual and mental energies are mobilized and directed inward. These processes are preparing the body-mind mechanism for meditation and conscious inquiry to arrive at a proper perception of and relationship to reality.

Channeling Chakra Healing Energy - Pair of female hands cupped upwards with a column of se
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What is the difference between PRANA and KUNDALINI SHAKTI:

Any activity or force must have a static background. Thus, when consciousness manifests as a dynamic force, it polarizes itself. A living organism is a polarised structure of energy:

Part of the energy becomes involved in the manifestation itself, while a greater part remains latent or dormant. This primal power symbolized by coiled-up energy or serpent is called KUNDALINI SHAKTI. This potential surplus energy is known to rest at the base of the spinal cord. Kundalini is the static support of the entire body and its pranic forces. On the other hand, the dynamic energy that provides the body's working forces is called PRANA.

What is the connection between PRANA, KUNDALINI SHAKTI, and CHAKRAS?

This vital force of Shakti in the form of PRANA is also organized around specific centers or CHAKRAS in the body. These are not physical centers, although they have correlations in the various plexuses of the body. They determine the quality of consciousness. Prana flows like an electric current through an intricate network of subtle nerves, the 72,000 nadis, connecting the body and mind and maintaining the entire organism's functioning. The chakras are best understood as levels of consciousness. Each chakra controls one of the five senses and provides a frame of reference through which we experience the world. They also signify an evolutionary process, a development from a primitive to a highly cultivated and refined being. The aim of the yogi is to bring the centers into harmony so that there is a balanced and controlled expression of energy through them.  This can result in the Kundalini Shakti rising through the spinal column's central canal (Sushumna Nadi), piercing the six chakras (nerve plexuses).

What is the importance of the Levels of Consciousness?

There is an evolutionary path leading from unconsciousness to awakening and all the way to full consciousness. It`s an extremely useful "GPS map" that teaches us how human consciousness evolves.


Thus, it helps you understand your being by:

(1) assessing your stable level of consciousness.

(2) showing the challenges that are present at each particular stage.

(3) giving you the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to progress to the next level.


The Levels of Consciousness on the map clearly define every step of the natural advancement of consciousness that a human being can reach. Furthermore, it defines all psychological, mental, and spiritual states in direct correlation with the dimensions, frequencies, and vibrations in the universe.  The Map brings us a lot of clarity so that we can see beyond any circumstance, culture, religion, and even spirituality.


The New Humanity School developed a series of meditation and self-inquiry techniques that help the student advance at each level of consciousness. Initially, the purpose of the meditation practices is to expand and develop the inner space in your mind and in your heart so that thoughts and emotions can flow through more easily. 

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