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6 Months Breathwork Facilitators
Certified Training Online Course 

Nervous System Tune-Up Programme

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Release stress & worry about present, past & future

Experience Healing in a safe environment

Unblock and clear frozen energies from the nervous system

Charge up with essential life-force energy

Increase your Nervous System capacity

Create more space within to experience peace

Open and Access your Higher Consciousness.

Awaken Inner Light, Love, and Presence

Increase Body Awareness 

Breathwork has been a scientifically proven way that improves one’s state of being and balance in life. If you have little or no experience with breathwork, don’t worry!


Inspired | Creative | Energized


Multi-sensory meditations create ecstatic states in your body & mind, giving you instant energy, stamina, and unlimited benefits.


Instantly feel less anxious & stressed, learn how to optimize your breathing, promote self-healing & sleep better, with these easy-to-use tools & meditations.


Use these tools anytime, to give your productivity a boost, awaken your creativity & focus in seconds.

Trauma Healing in Loving Presence

Sensory Awareness

Becoming present in our bodies and connected with our feelings is the key to phasing into any frozen energies from our nervous system and freeing the memory from our physiology.

Emotional Intelligence

By identifying and not being afraid to feel emotions, you Instantly feel less anxiety & stress. Learn how to optimize your breathing, promote self-healing & sleep better with these easy-to-use tools & meditations.

Boosted Immunity

Lifeforce energy supports your immunity system; it's the highest superfood you can ever give to your nervous system. Use these tools anytime to boost your productivity and awaken your creativity & focus in seconds.



Lyonne is a Breathwork teacher who teaches from a Non-Dual perspective and intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential so that they become empowered in their lives and the world around them. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, trainer, mentor, and coach.


She is someone whose life took an astounding turnaround when she changed her own life with the various methods she now shares. Based on the transformation she underwent and the benefits she obtained from it, Lyonne has made it her mission to transmit this knowledge to anyone who needs it and present it with humbleness and honesty.


Lyonne will guide you in person. Thus, you will receive direct teachings, transmissions, guidance, and all effective practices, not only for yourself but also to pass on this knowledge with the people around you. 


Breath of Life & Breath of Light

  • Become a BREATHWORK FACILITATOR and empower yourself & others

  • Become creative and access abundance

  • Know you are an unlimited creator

  • Help to bring positivity to your workspace and other environments 

  • Inspire and help others

  • Create and hold space for yourself and others 

  • Be the change you want to see around

  • Support people on their journey

  • Meet and bring together beings alike 

  • Create a community in your hometown and country or wherever you travel

  • Share your knowledge and light for the highest benefit of all

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for individuals whether beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners.

For ones already practicing meditation, qualified yogis, pilates teachers, alternative
therapists, life coaches, health professionals, counselors, and others who want to expand their practice or career to include breathing practices and techniques as an effective way to tap into inspiration, creativity, empowerment, and attract positivity in one's life.

Many people join the training course, even though they do not intend to teach, but to deepen their
practice and knowledge.

This course will
enable you to obtain a solid foundation of daily practice so that you could enjoy the many benefits of these ancient practices.

Today, breathwork practitioners from across the globe, at any age, have found an effective way of bettering their lives using effective practices to tap into abundance.

Its surprising simplicity combined with
immediate and tangible results has been proven in a wholesome and enriching way.

The Breath of Life Facilitators Training is a course that has been designed to offer you the ancient Yogic knowledge and experience you need to be a competent facilitator of the Breath of Life online course in this new era.

Enjoying the Nature

You will learn how to: 

  • Change your present moment into a happier one

  • Be in the Presence to hold space for healing

  • Coach, Guide, and Teach 

  • Guide ancient powerful breathing techniques

  • Create Online One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Create Classes and Workshops

  • Guided others in breathing practices and healing modalities

  • Assist in Emotional Healing and learn to work and identify your clients' emotions

  • Trauma release and healing - knowledge and practices

  • Have a deeper insight into the development of Consciousness

  • Create a Plan for your Work

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How do I become a certified Breath of Life Facilitator?

Embarking on the journey to becoming a Breathwork facilitator!
 You will experience a profound journey with the guidance of Lyonne Sundari and Sat Mindo on "Levels of Consciousness" topics.
The training is a pre-recorded online course. However, you will have two 90min Private Sessions with Lyonne during and after the course completion. 

This course is designed to
 give you the time you need to complete your practices, homework, readings, studies, and practicums.

You will
receive certification after your assignments and practicums have been completed and reviewed by the founders of New Humanity Life Academy.


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Become a Breathwork Certified Facilitator!
A Self-Study Online Course +


Training Curriculum


Pranayama | Breathwork

  • What is Life Force Energy

  • Play of Life Force Energy and Consciousness

  • The Structure of Breathing

  • Types of Breathing

  • Practice sequences

  • Practices and more....


Human Energy System

  • 7 Chakras

  • Life Force Energy

  • Kundalini Force

  • The 3 Nadis & more


The Quantum Field

  • Reality is an undivided wholeness

  • Consciousness creates reality

  • The world of potentials and actualities

  • Reality is created by observation & more


Levels of Consciousness

  • What is New Humanity Consciousness

  • Levels of Consciousness

  • Development of Consciousness

  • Consciousness & Psychology & more


Kriya | Purification 

  • The Science of breathwork

  • What are Kriya Practices

  • Theory about Kriya Techniques

  • Effects of Kriya 

  • Practices & more


Kundalini | Life Force

  • What to expect when practicing breathwork

  • The awakening of your creative force

  • Transformations and healing

  • Guided Meditations & more


Nervous System

  • The Importance of a healthy nervous system

  • Healing Nervous system

  • Breathing practices to support 

  • Trauma Healing & more


Creating & Holding Space

  • Clearing and Setting the Space

  • Setting Intentions, How to Hold Space and to be Present

  • Protection from Negative Energies and clearing before and after the session & more


Healing Practices

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Emotional Intelligence Development

  • Emotional Enquiry & more


Bandhas | Locks of The Spine

  • Introduction to the 3 locks of the spine
  • Locks & Breath
  • Release of blockages
  • Healing & more

Teaching Metholology

  • Learn Different modalities of coaching others

  • Learn how to hold space for others

  • Learn how to create powerful sessions

  • Learn how to access your intuition & more


Access Unlimited Potential

  • How to raise your vibration

  • The importance of quantum reality

  • How to Tap into the Quantum Field & more


Breathwork instantly shifts your vibration!

What is a Quantum Shift?

Do you feel like you could live a better life and you want to Quantum shift to a new reality? Is there a better version you already created? There is an infinite number of realities that exist around you if you use the right techniques, energy, and methods.

When you match the vibration of the new life you want to create, you can access (or jump) to it. Your parallel reality already exists and people often don’t understand how it works and all the possibilities that are open to them.

A popular belief is that quantum shifting is similar to taking a big leap of faith which is contrary to what it is. The difference is that wanting something emits a vibration that you still don’t have, as opposed to feeling that you already have it.

Quantum shifting is similar to the laws of attraction.  You attract everything to yourself because your past experiences continue to resonate with the “vibration” of that reality.  The technique to jump realities is to shift your energy into the reality you want.


  • Issuing a Breathwork Facilitator Certificate

  • Recognition of Yacep Yoga Alliance

  • Listing on New Humanity Life Acedamy website in Certified Teachers Section

  • Assistance in creating a local community

  • Video Recording of Practical Sessions with other TTC students

  • Journaling and making Bullet Points of key materials

  • Life Time Access Private Support Group for Breathwork Facilitators for Questions/Answers

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 Marketing Advice and Assistance for your Work!
  • Branding, Marketing, and Media Materials of New Humanity Life Academy

  • Advice on Social Media, Website, Branding & Prints

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6 Months Online Course Includes:

  •      12 Recorded Lectures

  •      2 Private Zoom Live Calls (90min each)

  •      30+ Videos 

  •      Breath of Life Manual

  •      Private On-Going Support

  •      Breath of Life Facilitators Certification

  •      Lifetime Access




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Payment Options

Pay In Full: €695.00

4 Months Payment Plan: €198.00

(Total: €792.00) 

Special Offer!


Payment Details

Reference: Breath of Life 

Account holder: Lyonne Carabott


IBAN: MT76VALL22013000000040012263808

Account No: 40012263808

Bank Address: 58 Zachary Street, Valletta, VLT1130, Malta

Lyonne Address: Serenity, Sqaq il-Balliju, Ghajnsielem, Gozo, GSM2040, Malta

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Reviews & Experiences
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Breathwork The Same as Meditation?

Some people and trainers use the terms meditation and breathwork interchangeably, but there are several differences between the two. Here is a comparison between the two techniques:

Breathwork is like a type of meditation but is slightly different. People who have practised meditation before may not have been the greatest at it. This allows those people to improve their meditation skills by learning how to control their breathing.

Breathwork is easier to learn and can help with fidgeting when trying to clear your mind for meditation. Both practices are great for stress and mindfulness, but meditation takes more time to master while breathwork does not.

You can master simple techniques, or you can learn more advanced techniques, but the choice is yours. This makes it more accessible to more of the population, especially those who are beginners or new to yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

Both are great skills to have, especially with all the craziness going on today. You can use both skills to prepare you to face stress, anxiety, and other situations. You really can’t go wrong with either of these skills.

Why Is Breathwork So Powerful?

Breathwork has become quite a powerful practice, whether it is for yoga or just everyday life. It has helped with so many aspects of people’s lives. It is also something that can be used in all sorts of practices, so you can apply it in all different sports or do it when you have a break at the office.

This technique is easy to learn. You don’t need months or years of practice to master the art of breathwork. It also helps you with areas of your life, so it is great to learn because you can often fit it into your schedule. It even helps with these things:

  • Self-discovery

  • Facing stressful events

  • Empowerment

These are among the few things that make breathwork that much more powerful.

Can breathwork help in Self Discovery?

Breathwork can help you tap into your lifeforce and help you discover more about yourself that you may not have discovered before. These active breathing techniques can help you with healing and help you learn more about your channels and energy system.

You breathe every day, but you may not breathe with the most effectiveness. This allows you to learn how to control yourself and your breathing. You will be better at controlling yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This self-discovery will help you recognize when your body is reacting to stimulus and give you more power than you thought.

Does breathwork support in facing Stressful Events?

While you are discovering more about yourself with breathwork, you are gaining more control of yourself and which means you can control the way you react to situations. Life will throw stressful situations at you without warning. You can’t control those events, but you can control how you react.

Anxiety plays a big role in today’s society, and it has been difficult to face these stressful events. Sometimes anxiety can make us feel hopeless. Learning this breathwork and being able to slow down your heart rate can help you stay grounded when you are having a panic or anxiety attack.

Breathwork is easy to learn, so it makes a great addition to your daily life and gives you a little control back to your life in a world filled with chaos and surprises.

Does breathwork help to Empower me?

With breathwork, you can feel empowered. You have a sense of control with little training compared to meditation. You will see these benefits and power in these areas:

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Is it effective on a Physical level?

Breathwork will empower you through your physical body. You will gain control of your breathing and heart rate that will help you react calmly instead of allowing anxiety to overrun your reaction.

Breathwork can help you promote healing physically, improve your lung capacity, and control your anger. It can also help boost your immune system because your mood will improve with this training.

This helps reduce stress, and with stress comes a lot of physical ailments. These include high blood pressure, swelling, and stomach problems. When you get rid of the stress, you can get rid of all these symptoms as well.

You can find yourself more relaxed than you ever thought. Sometimes tension can build up in your muscles, and breathwork allows you to release that tension.

How will it support me Emotionally?

Not only will this reduce your stress and anxiety, but it can also help you in other ways emotionally. It makes you self-aware of yourself, so you can see how you may be hindering yourself.

This also boosts your self-esteem. You will start to feel better, and you will find yourself with more energy than you used to have. It helps you even out your moods, so you aren’t having as many highs and lows.

Your moods won’t be so up and down, and you can find more control when you react to a situation. These ups and downs can be detrimental not only to your emotional health but to your physical and spiritual health. This is why it is important to use breathwork to help you emotionally.

You will experience more peace and joy with breathwork, and that will help your quality of living. It will also help you find that peace when you experience trauma, and everyone has experienced some form of trauma.

What are the effects on a Spiritual level?

Breathwork is not exactly like meditation but can assist in reaching a deeper form of meditation. This will increase your experience not only with meditation but with love and awareness. You will find a better connection with your spiritual self and be more aware of the spiritual world.

All of these benefits make breathwork powerful. The best thing about breathwork is that it is easy to learn. This gives you power in little time. You can learn simpler techniques or more complex techniques. You can mold what you learn to better help you rather than have to work your schedule around learning these new techniques.

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