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Self-Enquiry Practice

The I is the center of your every experience. When you slow down your mind and thoughts, you come to experience the feeling of I. The feeling that You Are, that you exist, the feeling of your self. When you stay with your feeling of I, it starts to transform.
The enquiry practice 'Who am I?' leads us back to our Source Self. But to do it correctly, we need the right preparation. Mindo guides us to the silent place from where we can ask the question 'Who am I?'. It is not a question to be answered; we allow the Self to reveal itself.

It was Sri Ramana's basic thesis that the individual self is nothing more than a thought or an idea. He said that this thought, which he called 'I'-thought, originates from a place called the Heart-centre, which he located on the right side of the chest in the human body. 

From there the 'I'-thought rises up to the brain and identifies itself with the body: 'I am this body.' It then creates the illusion that there is a mind or an individual self which inhabits the body and which controls all its thoughts and actions. 

The 'I'-thought accomplishes this by identifying itself with all the thoughts and perceptions that go on in the body. For example, 'I' (that is the 'I'-thought) am doing this, 'I' am thinking this, 'I' am feeling happy, etc. 

Thus, the idea that one is an individual person is generated and sustained by the 'I'-thought and by its habit of constantly attaching itself to all the thoughts that arise. Sri Ramana maintained that one could reverse this process by depriving the 'I'-thought of all the thoughts and perceptions that it normally identifies with. 

When this happens, the mind and the individual self (both of which Sri Ramama equated with the 'I'-thought) are destroyed forever. Only the Atman or the Self then remains.
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"Full Consciousness is the Natural State - called Sahaja. It is the end of the search as natural openness is awakened – restful, aware, and alive. It is closer than a blink of an eye. It is our Awakened Authentic Self."

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