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Awareness Awakening

The light of Awareness is you, right here, right now. It is the deepest you, preceding any appearance in the world.  Awareness is the Source, it is God itself. Your focus and attention tends to be on the identifications and fixations of the mind and ego, but these are only veiling your true nature. Experiences come and go, but does the Awareness ever go anywhere?  Awareness has always been here, because you are always witnessing every experience in your life.  


Awareness is a gateway to Freedom and the realization of Consciousness as a Source of Being and All that IS.  It is only our mind and conditionings that are blocking us from seeing this truth. The good news is that anytime, we can bring our attention back to our ever new Awareness. This is how we awaken to our Awareness, Consciousness, God, the Natural Self.

Use attention and awareness to tune into consciousness

Our attention and our awareness are the most important tools for what we choose to tune into. So for a moment, we can tune into peace and experience eternal peace. Then usually we tune back into the heart, or we return back into the mind. If we tune back into the mind, we receive thoughts. If we tune into love, we feel love. So you see, these energies are always here. But it is our attention and awareness that creates different vibrations. So, if we tune into anger or fear, this is what we will receive. So what we need to master is our attention and awareness, the capability to tune into the higher vibrations, to tune into Consciousness itself. And then that will be our reality, our experience. 

So you can sharpen your attention, sharpen your mind, open your heart, consciously bring your attention back to love again, and again, and again. Consciously bring your attention back to peace again, and again, and again so that it would become permanent. So that it would become your permanent vibration. In the levels of consciousness, we can see that as we tune into the higher levels of consciousness, that what we tune into becomes our reality. And just imagine that peace would be your permanent reality, or love, or even bliss. So our system needs to be attuned and capable to receive and to sustain these high vibrations. Our body is an instrument of God. And if we attune to God, we will be one with God. 

Shifting your attention to a higher vibration

Therefore, it's very important where we place our attention. Do we keep following negativity and fear? Or, do we consciously shift our attention to peace and love? So just remember one golden rule: keep shifting your attention back to love, one million times if you need to, until love will become permanent. This is the ultimate meditation: to always shift your attention to higher vibrations, and to clean the lower vibrations away. And then you will notice that at certain stages, you will feel permanent openings, which are permanent increases of the Levels of Consciousness. Then, that will mark that now you're permanently at a higher vibration. 

This is how it works. This is how the energy is functioning. This is how we create. We attune and we create our reality. Therefore, you are the master of your reality. This is the new science. The real scientists already figured it out. Nikola Tesla knew it right away, and so did Einstein. Many modern scientists know that if you shift your attention to higher vibrations, then that will become real. You always create your reality. This is divine science, where science meets spirituality. This is where humanity is heading. Quantum Physics is already a major step forward. On the internet you can find a lot of really interesting information about this, and start to understand how consciousness is working in a scientific way. So this is why the Levels of Consciousness are so clear and so precise and even scientifically measurable. It includes the teachings of all religions of all spiritual traditions in one simple explanation.

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