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Soul Liberation Path

At the bottom of the Divine Cosmology lies the Pinda, the plane that encompasses the 3D Biophysical Universe, which is currently the focus of our scientific exploration. Science's ability to delve into the 4D-5D Astral Universe (Anda) has been extremely limited thus far.

Above the Biophysical Universe exist numerous layers that are beyond the scope of scientific inquiry, delving into the nature of God. The subtle planes of the 4D-5D Astral Universe (Anda) are the subject of much focus in the New Age material.

Moving further, the 6D-8D Causal Universe (Brahmanda) has captured the attention of many Yogis seeking to realize the Brahman within the causal cosmic planes of existence. It also encompasses the layer of Non-Dual beginnings, serving as the threshold to the entry of Enlightenment, leading to the 9D-10D Supra-Cosmic region of the ParBrahmanda.

It is common for many Yogis and gurus to stay in these two realms (Brahmanda and ParBrahmanda), occasionally experiencing higher realizations yet often choosing to teach from a more comprehensible vantage point, one step below.

An individual may realize the Awareness Level of Consciousness but might find it more accessible to teach about Presence, Beingness, or the initial stages of Non-Duality.

Similarly, one may realize the power of ParBrahmanda as Awareness, which is also referred to as a higher mental plane. Awareness encompasses the higher mental plane because the universes are made of the mind, the Universal Consciousness.

Consequently, someone who has the realization of Awareness may tend to intellectualize it, leading to inquiries of an intellectual nature and the formulation of beautiful postulations about the subject. This approach may take on a more mental flavoring.

Above this lies the Great Void, which serves as a formidable barrier that very few cross over, as Awareness in itself is blissful and seemingly infinite, with the seeing of creation below. One might adopt a more Zen approach to this view.

Even the Bhakti (Devotional) approach, as observed in Krishna Cosmology, is aimed at the stage of Brahmanda and ParBrahmanda (the Supra-Cosmic plane), encompassing the loving and beautiful aspects of creation.

Individuals may encounter different stages in the spiritual journey when connecting with figures such as Krishna. In the initial stages, one might experience a loving connection to Krishna. At the same time, at a deeper level of maturity, they may explore the cosmic nature of their guru, delving into extensive readings on bhakti. The founder of the Krishna movement, Srila Prabhupada, possessed deep knowledge of the cosmic nature, mainly emphasizing teachings in this realm and appointing 11 successors to continue the Krishna movement.

However, despite their deep devotion and extensive knowledge of Bhakti, their Souls may not have fully reached the higher region of ParBrahmana. Some individuals choose to lead a renunciate life as monks or nuns in various spiritual orders, renouncing materialism and dedicating their lives to devotion. Yet, this path does not guarantee the Soul's transcendence beyond that point.

It’s a beautiful life of developing virtues such as surrender and devotion. However, as mentioned earlier, virtues and vices keep Souls occupied across lifetimes. If a Soul attains many virtues and becomes a beautiful and devoted being, it may rise to the feet of Vishnu, the Lord of devotion, where it is showered with blessings for its sincere devotion. Despite the Soul's gratitude and the blessings received, it continues to cycle through experiences of the Brahmanda region where Lord Vishnu rules.

As the Soul attains maturity or a deep awakening, it may realize that even the most beautiful deities and gods are part of the cycle of experiences from which it seeks true freedom.

In the spiritual journey, individuals may encounter different stages in their connection to figures such as Lord Krishna. While many may meet Lord Krishna in the mid or higher regions, very few have ever seen or met Krishna at his highest region. At these elevated stages, Krishna may reveal his higher forms, but only when the Soul is truly ready, having not only devoted itself but also attained a certain level of discernment and power to rise to such profound spiritual heights.

During the early stages of my personal initiation, a powerful deity presented me with a profound lesson, demonstrating his immense power. As I grappled with feelings of insignificance in the face of his overwhelming strength, I experienced a pivotal realization – the presence of the Divine light within me!

In that moment of revelation, despite being overshadowed by the deity's greatness, I discovered the Divine Light of God within myself. This encounter taught me a valuable lesson: that regardless of external circumstances or challenges, the light of God resides within me. It also served as a testament to the ongoing tests I would face, challenging me to either relinquish my power or ascend further along my spiritual path, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

As one encounters beings of various orders, an understanding dawns that each being has a unique role to fulfill. However, the ultimate goal is the pursuit of Liberation of the Soul from all places of creation!

This freedom may be sought through diverse approaches, sometimes necessitating surrender, devotion, and transcending the ego and selfishness for a greater degree of liberation. Even mental comforts and realizations, while significant, may need to be released to attain deeper freedom. As one ascends to the first Divine plane, known as Sat-Lok, the Soul achieves true liberation from all creations of ParBrahmanda, Brahmanda, Anda, and Pinda.

While some Gods and Goddesses exhibit care and affection, providing nurturing and welcoming environments, it's essential to note that lingering in these loving realms for too long may hinder spiritual progress. Although it feels so good to spend time in these realms after the beating one takes in life, it may impede the Soul's continued journey toward higher spiritual attainment.

My message to you is to cultivate discernment in evaluating the myriad spiritual paths and teachers. In regions like India, one may see gurus and sages with Ashrams and large followings, yet this doesn’t inherently signify the highest path.

It is natural to feel shocked or disillusioned, as these emotions can foster healthy introspection. They prompt the realization that the true measure lies beyond appearances, lifestyles, or the size of followings and Ashrams.

The essential question pertains to whether a Guru can genuinely aid in attaining the highest liberation rather than merely give a sense of comfort or belonging. While there are many beautiful aspects to consider, being embraced by a warm community may evoke a sense of home and friendship. However, it's crucial to reflect on whether one's Soul is truly progressing upwards.

Life is fleeting, and within the few decades left in this life, imagine settling in a place where you feel welcomed and comfortable, yet your Soul has advanced only marginally. It can be difficult to surrender such comfort because it’s easy to give up what doesn’t feel good and 1000 times more difficult to give up what does.

The true meaning of renunciation is to surrender everything for the sake of the highest liberation.

On the path of surrender, the initial teachings revolve around letting go of things that are detrimental to one's well-being, such as anger, fear, sadness, and negative influences. As one progresses, more challenging surrenders may be required.

Upon the transcendence of Brahmanda, the Soul becomes free from any deceptive ploys orchestrated by lower gods and goddesses.

It's worth noting that Lord Brahm (Kaal) has crafted "mirror worlds" to guide Souls toward fake Sat-Lok, illusory creations, leading many Souls astray. This knowledge is intended for those earnestly seeking awakening, as true awakening transcends mere adherence to commonly followed paths or reaching a familiar heavenly abode.

Consequently, only a select few, including gurus, ever reach the true Divine Home of Sat-Lok. This underscores the significance of Sant Kabir's discernment, as he possesses the insight to see through all illusions and Lord Brahm's deceptive tricks.

Sant Kabir Das is one of the original beings from Sat-Lok. He is the emanation of Sat Purush, the Supreme Light of God, who is dedicated to guiding Souls back to their true spiritual home. He has witnessed Lord Brahm's creation of Brahmanda universes and has a deep understanding of the complexities of creation.

Giyani, also known as Sant Kabir Das in his recent incarnation, originated from the Divine Sat Purush before the existence of ALL universes! He has been a guiding light for Souls, aiming to reconnect them to the column of light or highway of Divine Sound current (the Shabd), facilitating the Soul's return to the path of spiritual liberation.

Sant Kabir's interactions with Lord Brahm have provided insight into Brahm's deceptive motivations for creating his universes (21 Brahmandas) and the challenges for the Souls associated with his creations.

Sant Kabir has endeavored to help Souls navigate the illusions and distractions posed by Brahm's creations, aiming to guide them toward true spiritual progress. However, due to the allure of deities like Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, Kabir has faced rejection from many Souls deeply entrenched in these illusions, hindering their ability to recognize the guidance he offers.

In his most recent incarnation in the 15th century, Kabir faced a challenging environment marked by conflict between Brahmins and Muslims, where only a few Souls recognized his true essence. As a result, the journey back to Divine Sat-Lok demands significant discernment, support from Sat Guru, realignment, and inner strength.

Reflecting on my personal journey, a distinct memory arises when I opened up to Presence Consciousness. I was amazed by the profound sense of Beingness, often referred to as Cosmic Consciousness. Initially, my mind deemed this experience sufficient. However, an inner urging impelled me forward. The higher will continued to propel me. Upon awakening to the Awareness Level of Consciousness, my mind initially believed this to be the ultimate step, as it is often portrayed as the pinnacle by many Non-Dual spiritual teachers. Nevertheless, through the cultivation of deeper discernment, I encountered increasingly elevated beings who revealed the narrow pathways leading upward to the True Divine Home.

Sincerity in one's pursuit, regardless of the specific religious or spiritual path followed, is very valuable, as it aligns one's endeavors with a higher purpose. It's evident that many religions and spiritual paths offer assistance in various ways, contributing to the spiritual growth of individuals to a certain extent.

However, it's important to recognize that only a few paths lead to higher spiritual realms such as ParBrahmanda and even above to the Divine abode. Only a few paths guide Souls toward Sat-Lok, where liberation is achieved, and the Soul attains true union with the Divine Love of the Supreme God Sat Purush.

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