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Consciousness Development

Returning to Full Consciousness is becoming aware of the journey, of the path, of the distance.  We can see that at the very bottom of the Levels of Consciousness scale is the realm of suffering, fear, heaviness, darkness - all the hungry desires are at the lowest levels of consciousness. 

In our day to day life, people flow in the river of life. Wherever the river takes them, people flow in the river of life, barely noticing or even knowing that they're flowing. You call it your normal day, your normal life, and you very rarely step out of that river of life. It is the life of materialism, of work, of duties, of all the ordinary things and mundane activities. Most of your time is spent in thought, in the mind, where one thing follows another, the linear causality. It’s the reactive mind that is seeing and reacting to the thoughts and making the journey in the train of the mind. The higher place of being is aware of our emotions. Emotions are the frequent visitors that come and go every day.  Different awareness, emotions, and energies come and go every day, and if we spend some time to figure them out, we may come out of that river of life. But most of the time people don't even spend time with their emotions, just wanting to do the next thing, to get rid of the emotions, to escape. The river still flows, but all the obstacles, all the rocks, and stones are in the way. 


A very big transformational point is stepping out of the river and onto the shore, stepping behind the mind, behind the thoughts, and disidentifying from you as thoughts. You are not your thoughts, and you are not the knowledge.  These are only things that pop into your head, and there is no stability or security in thoughts themselves. So, the next step becomes the self-observation, to observe not only your thoughts and emotions but to observe yourself from behind, as a Higher Self, as the one who is standing on the shore of the river and seeing the river flowing. Life is happening, but you are observing life happening. You are not The happening. You are not wherever the water flows. And as you step back to observe life happening, life starts to reveal its wisdom. 


To become aware of the river of life is to become the observer in higher consciousness. Now you're not subject to the happenings and instead stand behind the river, seeing the way it flows, seeing a bigger picture of where life goes. So, all the rivers come to the ocean, and the higher consciousness notices that there is the ocean where everything flows. This ocean has surface waves and many layers of depth. This self-observation is already a deeper consciousness, a deeper intelligence of being. Through the observation, the awareness expands, the seeing expands, and more and more light shines onto your being.

Hidden Dynamics of the Levels of Conscio

Through this expansion and creation of space between the river of life and you as the Higher Self, the tipping point is the inner light awakening, when there is more light within you than the river of life. The other tipping point is the surrender of all the knowledge to the heart, the surrender of all the wisdom. The deepest wisdom is the realization of love.  Therefore, from the inner light and wisdom, there comes a maturity into the inner love. This love fills your being and completes your heart. There comes a sense that all there is, is love, that love has always been here, unnoticed, but it's kept everything together. That love is the realization of the intricate connectedness of every being, every heart, every atom, and molecule, connecting to create this present moment. It then expands into a sense of Oneness, into a sense of completeness, that life is one, that everything is connected, that you were never alone, even in the midst of your loneliness, of your being only by yourself. There has always been life right here, right now, with all the deeper layers, which were overlooked. 


Through all our experiences we come to seek something more stable, for something more fundamental than just another experience. We come to seek for something which is permanent, for something which is fulfilling, for something which is fundamental. This seeking leads towards our beingness, our presence, towards our soul as the immortal being. We transcend life, moving further and further from the changing phenomena, and from the river of life and ever-changing experiences, we dive deeper into the beingness, into the core of our Self to discover the source from where we came. That is the discovery of your soul, your beingness, your presence. It is fundamentally always the same because even though the soul evolves, it is the source of your evolution. The soul comes into many different lives to experience. When we come back to the soul, we attain immense fulfillment, an immense closeness to the divinity, the immense closeness to God, and to the Consciousness itself. For the soul is the spark from God, the spark from consciousness. We come to realize that even the sense of beingness and your awareness of the soul is seen, felt, and noticed in the awareness itself. 


The next step into the core of your existence becomes the recognition of awareness itself. Following the inquiry into who you are, and where you are, you come to realize that you are always in awareness. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, you are always in awareness. So, the next step becomes complete disinterest of what you are aware of and complete interest in who is aware of these changing phenomena. You recognize that you can be aware of millions and trillions of different things, but who is the one who is aware? Where is the source? What is fundamental? You withdraw your interest from what you are aware of, as all of these are just attachments, desires, ignorance, likes, and dislikes. You withdraw your interest completely from objects, energies, and anything else that is appearing, and you place your complete interest into where it is appearing. Then, the content is no longer of interest, and the key focus is the context of where all of this is happening. Where am I, and who am I?


In this way, awareness placed back to awareness reveals the light of awareness. There is no more subject, process, or object, and instead, it is only the awareness aware every moment. Awareness is always aware, the triple-A. The double-A is for addictions, the triple-A is complete disidentification from any objects, of any processes, and coming back to the Source. In the awareness, you recognize there are many perceptions - good perceptions, bad perceptions, right and wrong. You withdraw your interest from perceptions as well to remain further, deeper in awareness itself. If perceptions cause you trouble, you let them go. Perceptions are just directed awareness in which the awareness goes into a certain place. If you shine a light bulb to a specific point, that is the perception. Perceptions have many filters, and the removal of those filters allows you to come back to the light of awareness even more deeply and clearly. 

So, the primary task becomes to clear the perceptions, to clear the lenses, to polish the light, in the light, as the light, so that awareness remains clear. The strength of awareness allows you to transcend the great Void, the womb of the universe, to transcend any objects, appearances, or energies. The strength of the light of awareness allows you to transcend the darkness, the womb, of the universe. It is that big. It is a multi-dimensional journey. It is the journey through the universe and out of the universe. Coming through the strength of awareness, you come out of the womb of creation, of the universe, into the divinity of pure love, into the divinity and unity of divine love, the Father-Mother God of creation. The Father and the Mother God created the universe out of love, and now through the strength of awareness, we come out of the universe to meet the Father-Mother God in the divine love union. That is the realm of the divinity of gods and goddesses, the celestial divine realm. Further transcending, even withdrawing the interest from all of the creations of all the universes, you go further back into the light of awareness, which further reveals the ultimate truths. The ultimate truths of creation, the ultimate truth of existence as the actual enlightenment reveals itself in its full glory. The last step is to remove all the last bits and pieces, even the interest in the truth so that only the fundamental and the absolute Consciousness remains. Even awareness is released because that was a bridge of strength into the pure consciousness itself. 


Awareness is what gives you the strength to disidentify completely from everything and transcend the universe, and then you can even let go of that so that the absolute pure consciousness remains. That is the greatest journey of your existence, the greatest journey of the soul. The journey without a journey. The journey beyond the soul. Because the soul realizes wherever the journey took it, the Source was inside the heart of the soul. The soul stops journeying, and comes back to the heart of the soul, where God, pure consciousness is revealed as the ultimate Infinite Creator, as the Source of all creations.  The Map of Spirituality points the way of returning to full consciousness and expansion of your awareness back into the absolute Self.

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