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New Humanity Divine Marga International Team

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Sat Mindo

Mindo started to share his message of raising the consciousness of humanity and to teach publicly in 2012. As a result of that, the New Humanity Foundation was established and he is tirelessly working on it on a daily basis. His own awakening to Full Consciousness has lit up many people's paths to return to their Natural State. In his free time, he likes to spend time with animals, walk in nature, and explore new scientific and technological developments. 

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Lyonne Premananda

Lyonne brings feminine, soft, radiant energy into New Humanity Divine Marga. She transmits the devotional and feminine divine love consciousness. She started holding Goddess workshops and feminine healing circles in 2013. She studied the Yogic, Tantric, Healing modalities, and Taoist lineages extensively. Lyonne founded Yoga of Now and helps others empower themselves in opening New Consciousness.  Based on her life’s transformation, Lyonne has made it her mission to transmit this knowledge to anyone who seeks it and present it with humbleness and honesty. In her free time, she enjoys studying, relaxing, and having "me-time" to nurture herself.

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Helena Johansson

Helena is a Swedish-born certified Yoga of Now teacher with a background within government operations, project management, and marketing. Her work in the New Humanity Foundation is driven by the will to help humanity discover unity and live a truly peaceful, harmonious life. Helena´s part in the team includes helping out with various tasks and projects related to design, planning and marketing. In her spare time, she loves to connect with nature, read a good book, and relax.

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Manvir Dhinse

Manvir is a spiritual teacher who has been practicing for over a decade, and now also supports others on their path towards Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. He a Project Manager at New Humanity. Looking for the next step on his journey he came across the teachings of New Humanity and experienced a simple and quick evolution to Full Consciousness. Manvir has a background in Software Engineering, Holistic Health, and Meditation. In his spare time he likes to get some sun, eat fruit and spend time in nature.


Mechele Tison

Mechele's interest in New Humanity began with the desire to raise her own consciousness and evolved into the understanding that higher consciousness is available to everyone. Her background is in software training, recruiting, and eCommerce. She is a New Humanity Divine Marga Teacher and is involved in expanding The New Humanity Divine Marga into the United States. She is pleased to be a part of this global initiative to bring enlightenment, awareness, healing, and transformation to the world. Mechele lives with her family in The Woodlands, Texas.

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Anneke Arweiler

Anneke works as a teacher and team trainer in Kindergarten and also teaches German to refugee women. She is a Meditation & Spiritual Life Coach and Breath of Life teacher and is helping New Humanity Divine Marga with video editing, translations and bringing life into the community. Her journey of awakening started at the age of 15 by having the deep desire to "be simply free to be who I really am". Studying consciousness and different paths of healing became her passion in life as well as travelling this beautiful planet Earth. Anneke loves singing & dancing and is delighted to help bringing forth the vision and mission of a New Humanity.


Martina Weissenbök

Dr. Martina Weissenbök is a former chief economist of an Austrian bank and now an education manager for strategic life-long learning projects. Within the New Humanity Divine Marga, she is a Meditation, Yoga of Now, Breath of Life Certified Teacher, and a Business Coach. She brings day-to-day impulses and learning nuggets to individuals to step by step regain their own power and live the highest potential. Martina loves to spend time with her family, gardening and being in nature.​


Milda Damaliene

Milda is an organizational team member at New Humanity Divine Marga helping with social media, video management, and events. Her passion is music and traveling. For over 30 years she has been a founder and manager of one of the most acknowledged folklore music bands with many awards and has performed all around the world.

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Nicole De Leonardo

Nicole De Leonardo is a Meditation Therapy coach reading for a Masters in Psychotherapy, and has several years of experience within the psychology and meditation domains. Nicole's role in the New Humanity Divine Marga team varies from executive administration work to editing web and social media content. Her lifelong passion for helping others and the belief in a greater healing power brought her to Mindo's teachings over 10 years ago. Noticing so many similarities between the two practices, coupled with the guidance and courses of New Humanity, she fused her love of meditation and psychology to create a deeper and more fruitful approach to healing and therapy.

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Temida Magrin

Temi is originally from Bulgaria and has been living on the beautiful island of Gozo for the past 12 years. She met Lyonne and Mindo a few years ago and is now helping with Social Media marketing, website development and other behind the scenes activities of New Humanity Divine Marga.

Temi loves travelling, meeting new people and exploring new territories. She studied business management and economics, and is constantly willing to upgrade herself with new knowledge.
She strongly believes in the wonderful cause behind the foundation and is delighted to help spread the word!

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