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Emotional Healing Practices

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This practice removes the walls of resistance to any feeling, especially a difficult and uncomfortable feeling that you feel. And right away, these questions settle you in the right relationship with that emotion. This can be done with any emotion, anger, resistance, sadness, etc. This emotional inquiry practice should be like a contemplative meditation going into meditation. It's not a mental or quick thing to do. You need to dedicate at least 20 minutes to do this kind of inquiry and spend at least 10-20 minutes with that feeling. Feeling more space around it. You can do this practice anytime, anywhere. You will need it all the way to LOC 1000, even in 1000, when all kinds of new energies arise.

Emotional Enquiry Practice

Step 1: Ask yourself: What is my feeling now?

Step 2: Can I allow this feeling to be here? For example, sadness. The question ‘Can I allow
it?’ immediately removes the wall of resistance.

Step 3: Can I be with it? Feeling more space around it. And then feel more space and peace
around that feeling for about 10 minutes.

Inner Child Healing

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Why is inner child healing important?

As adults, we walk around carrying wounds from our childhood, whether it's simple or complex trauma, from emotional neglect to physical abuse. Many adults feel they're alone with these hurts and feelings, and so they cover them up because they feel like that's "what other grown-ups do."

That's why inner child healing is so important, "To remind ourselves that we're not wrong or bad. To heal the shame that comes with just having feelings."

By healing our inner child, we begin to create the safety and security our younger selves have always needed. By doing so, the positive traits of our inner child have room to shine. We unlock our natural gifts, our inner curiosity, and our limitless capacity to love.

On the other hand, when we avoid addressing our past hurts and feel alone with them, they transform into behaviors destructive to ourselves and our environments, such as workaholism, alcoholism, or racism.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is an effective technique that can heal emotional pain, physical pain, anxiety, and trauma.

It was found that by gently tapping on certain meridian points in the body, which are linked to our vital organs and offer points of least resistance for energy to flow through the body, we can shift rapidly from the fight, flight or freeze response, or sympathetic nervous system to the relaxation response, or parasympathetic nervous system.

EFT involves gently tapping on pre-defined acupressure points on the body as shown in the chart overleaf. It is important to tap while recalling a traumatic event from the past or stress and anxiety about the future, feel the feelings as strongly as you can in your body then tap.

If you'd like some help with learning EFT, please contact our ambassador Angie Misfud.

Angie developed a passion for Energy Psychology in 2014, after using these techniques for her own healing. She is a certified New Humanity Meditation Teacher as well as certified as an Energy Psychology practitioner, trained by Dawson Church Ph.D. She is also certified in PSYCH-K®️, a technique developed to rapidly change your belief system, being trained by Health and Wellbeing Director Ducio Locati. She delivers workshops and one on one sessions. She loves being a mum to her son. She is also passionate about scuba diving and travel.


Phone: +356 99191870

More Emotional Healing Practices

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