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Level of Consciousness - Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most easily recognized human emotions. Fear is built into the animal brain as a survival mechanism. In humans, this mechanism can be very useful to alert one to danger in the environment and prompt one to take action to remove or avoid the danger. It only becomes a problem when the human mind creates fear-based emotions on imagined possibilities of the future and mistaken signals of danger, usually based on trauma, in the present.

Anxiety is the first of the lower emotional states where one has energy. The states below this are exhausting and draining, but anxiety and fear can prompt one to action. Fear can take many forms, such as worry, dread, paranoia, shyness, and panic. Almost everyone experiences those feelings temporarily, but as a predominant level of consciousness, anxiety can be very limiting, creating a life of chronic worry, obsessive thinking, defensiveness, and paranoia. Fear is the most common emotion employed for large scale social control and suppression of consciousness; thus it is of utmost importance to learn how to overcome fear with light and truth.

The following are indicators of unprocessed anxiety:

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

• Has more life energy available than the
lower levels
• Fear fuels many activities
• Life can seem threatening
• Leads to chronic stress and anxiety
• Can become obsessive
• Used for the control of the masses
• Can result in paranoia and neurosis
• Limits personal growth, for people tend
to put up walls and become defensive
• Very hard to reach higher levels of
consciousness without help

Associated Meditation Practices:

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Some books that may be helpful include:

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Associated Videos:

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How to Overcome Victimhood Consciousness by Lyonne Sundari

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Body Scan Practice: Meditation to Release Stress

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Music that support this LOC:

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Brain Calming Music

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Inner Peace Music to Calm the Mind

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