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Level of Consciousness - Trust

The Levels of Consciousness are an indication of the density of the mind. As the density lessens, life is increasingly seen in a more neutral and realistic way. At the level of Trust, one is much more able to take life as it comes and handle circumstances with greater calmness and ease. This level sees the beginning of trust, flexibility, inner confidence, and satisfaction. At this level the pull of the sub Positivity emotions are not quite so strong, and one can rise above challenges with greater ease. The trust in life that comes at this level is a great attractor field for better life conditions without so much struggling and striving. Life flows more easily here, and one can handle life’s ups and downs with a balanced perspective. Relationships are more likely to be harmonious because there is no desire to control others or to “be right”. The motto “live and let live” applies here, making it easier to tolerate differences with little interest in conflict and strife.

Trust is a pleasant state of consciousness, and here is where you find people who come across as easygoing, even tempered, practical, trustworthy, friendly, and decent. The feeling here is that “Life is OK”. This is a very common level of consciousness in society, and much of the world is run by the solid and dependable people at this level.

Although positive overall, the level of Trust lacks the higher states of joy and compassion that are available in higher states of consciousness. These higher states are available as one accepts and releases the old stagnant energies that are obstructing a more loving and open awareness.

Level of Consciousness 20 Shame

• General attitude of ‘Life is OK’
• Beginning to trust life
• Relaxing of personal standpoints
• Do not seek to control others
• No need to prove oneself
•Becoming more flexible and
• More detached from outcomes
• Self-confidence increases
• Experiences of well-being and safety
• Easy going people
• Not interested in conflicts or competition
• Trusting life in a neutral way
• Confidence in one’s abilities
• Flexibility arises
• General state of satisfaction; knowing
that everything is fine

Associated Meditation Practices:

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Some books that may be helpful include:

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Associated Videos:

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Self-Empowerment (Levels of Consciousness)

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Remembering Happiness, Health, Vibrancy is the Key to Higher Vibrational Consciousness

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Music that support this LOC:

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9Hz 99Hz 999Hz Infinite Healing Golden WaveㅣVibration of 5 Dimension FrequencyㅣPositive Energy

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Please Note: The library for each Level of Consciousness is being updated in real time. If a particular Level of Consciousness has missing information, please check back in the future Now. Many Blessings.

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