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Relationships & Intimacy

Online Course



This New Relationship Course Helps You Discover New Ways to Become Intimate with Yourself and Another From the most Unconditional Place Within You



“Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought has divided it into a multiplicity and a diversity of objects, selves and others.”


This relationship course is not attempting to sell you a false promise of a life lived happily ever after…or a shortcut to finding your ideal partner, although, it may radically change your relationship to yourself. This course is asking you to suspend all of your judgment and fantasies about relationships and be open to a new way!


This is a twelve weeks long course divided into three Modules. Through the use of highly effective practices, the modular structure of this course aims to integrate the heart, sexuality and intimacy into the presence of being.


Module #1 

Divine Love & Connections

How you live and how you relate are synonymous! Stop, and reflect for a moment: Is the story of relationship causing you suffering? Are you willing to dismantle your identity as one in a relationship? What do you perceive as yourself and what do you perceive as other? 

Throughout the four pre-recorded video sessions, you will be introduced to the Twelve States of the Heart and the Map of Spirituality, two extremely useful contemporary tools that teach us how life functions. These powerful tools in question help you discover and bring awareness to all of your strategies of survival-however subtle or gross-that unconsciously create unnecessary suffering. This course essentially makes you recognize a call to something much deeper: And this is usually the unavoidable path stretching from self-hatred or deep conditioning, to the path of self-love and freedom. Ultimately this course shall guide you to see yourself beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, beyond the energies, bringing you closer and closer to who you truly are!


Module #2 

Sacred Sexuality & Intimacy

Many people would say that sex is as good as it gets, because sex is where most people experience some kind of bliss, release, silence, or peace. This material essentially calls for our willingness to look into our own life and see how our sense of happiness and self-worth are somehow linked to our identity as sexual beings. Thus, regeneration of struggle, tension, acquisition, and loss lock us into a deeply conditioned way of living. These powerful teachings shall illuminate what is keeping us away from living a fulfilled life. Once again, the focus is on the primary relationship, that which is with ourselves, from an energetic point of view. In this regard, these sessions offer a new way of looking at sexual energy as we learn useful practices to transmute and transform it into a higher form of energy; use it for healing, meditation, creativity and the activation of our energy centers. In order to rightly utilize this potent force we need to learn to balance our lower chakras, the seats of our densest social, cultural and familial conditioning. In fact, this approach leads us to a higher state of consciousness as we gradually move closer to our untethered being, shedding everything that stands in its way.


Module #3 

Presence & New Ways of Relating

The most intimate relationship is already here within you! Module three, consisting of four powerful video sessions, helps you to get to know yourself deeper in Presence. Once you have purified and processed the conditioned energies of the past, you will have access to Presence Consciousness. It becomes available to you through deep stillness and silence, for it is a state beyond the five senses and beyond time itself. Staying centered neutrally in your experience without the need to understand or judge what is, you transcend the mind. It is a process of continuous re-centering and re-balancing. Presence is transcendent of energy; it is being here now neutrally. When two beings meet from the place of their deepest self it is a true meeting.


Imagine What it Would Be Like to....

 Experience much more peaceful and harmonious Relationships.

 Stop relating with another from a place of conditioning.

 Stop experiencing the same cycles in your Relationships over and over  again.

 Not be anxious about breakups.

 Stop worrying whether you will ever find the right partner.

 Have long-term Relationships.

 Have ecstatic Sexual experiences.


You CAN accomplish all of the above if you learn how to be fully BE present in your Relationships…

In fact, the best Relationships are the ones, where you are able to overcome the challenges with your partner and grow through them. Because, let’s be honest, there will always be challenges in intimate Relationships. The key is to know how to handle them!

This is why you are going to find the Relationships and Intimacy Online Course most beneficial.

The New Relationship Course helps You create loving Relationships that are deeply Life-Affirming

You can use these teachings to go beyond the strict parameters of a couple-therapy...


Do you want to feel the freshness of unconditional love?

Just apply some of the effective practices given in this course while interacting with your partner.


The Relationship & Intimacy Course helps you attract a deeper intimacy

It works for Women and Men alike in every Situation...Even if you did not have an intimate partner for years...You will be guided to develop a high degree of intimacy with yourself first, so that you can feel whole even without a partner... the given practices will help you raise your vibration so that you can attract and share the ever-present love of your being with an equally conscious partner!

If  You are ready to meet yourself  and authentically reflect on your feelings. You Can create deeper Relationships in your Life. The Relationships and Intimacy Online Course is incredibly easy to use, even if you don't think you are a very heart based person…

To learn a radically new way of relating, apply the following three simple steps:


Join the Relationships and Intimacy Online Course - enjoy the twelve Video sessions that will guide you step by step. Learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.


Answer the questions given in the course - Don't worry! We'll provide you with all the necessary instructions so that you can cultivate a deep inner understanding of how you actually function. Beware of countless A-HA moments!


Apply the practices given in this Course - Make a commitment to follow through with the practices to reap the most benefits.

That's it! Do you want to have a better feeling about your past Relationships, and stop those negative experiences from determining your future? Commit to this inner work and self-exploration!


 The Relationships and Intimacy Online Course Will Provide You :

 The same proven practices that have been used by many people to create a real loving connection with themselves and others 

• The way to connect to Divine Love

• How to use Sacred Sexuality to experience the deepest Intimacy

• How to use Sacred Sexuality even without a partner to experience Pleasure and Fulfillment 

•  How to stay present with the given Energies and Dynamics of your Relationship so that you learn a totally new way of Relating

• How to unplug from the conditioning of Society and Hollywood to create Authentic love connections that are not based on Fantasies and Glamorous Ideals 

• Learn how to transform Apathy, Depression, Grief, Sadness, Fear and Desire into unconditional Love

• Create a much deeper connection with your own body and increase its sensitivity and openness to receive

• Learn to let go of the limitations of the past and fully accept your present moment

• Meet in the deepest Heart - Intimacy - Presence


But thats not all....

With the Relationships and Intimacy Online Course you will also receive a special bonus!

With the newest version of this course Lyonne has added a new module on Self Love – at a value of 250€! This video material contains many successful tools that help you increase your Self-Acceptance and Self-Love!



Relationships and Intimacy Online Course

Special Online Course Rate: Only 555€

Get access to the Relationships & Intimacy Course today to start feeling deeper Relationships and Intimacy!




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