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Return of the Goddess

In ancient days, priestesses of the Goddess gathered in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with the rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess.

Sisterhood of the Rose is a mystery school that is the keeper of Goddess energy and knowledge. They have a high level of consciousness and spirituality. They don’t compete but respect each other. Every member is aware of her own inner beauty. Body, mind, and spirituality are all equally important.

Members of the sisterhood are willing to support and help each other. This is an important idea for the return of the Goddess in a new society.

We are all in the midst of great transformation. Many of us are awakening to signs and synchronicities manifesting in our lives, visions, and dreams that we cannot explain, causing us to search for answers.

For our conscious evolution, it is urgent and vital for all of us to finally understand that a feminine aspect of the Divine is re-emerging into our collective consciousness. By aligning ourselves – both men and women – with the feminine mysteries of Divine Creation, we can all contribute to liberating the world into the next phase of its spiritual evolution with the nurturing qualities of compassion, gentleness & love.

What is Your Inner Goddess?

Each one of us is a reflection of the Divine. Though you may not always feel like it or even realize it, there is a divinity in you. Connecting with the inner goddess in your soul is simply understanding and recognizing that divinity.

Your inner goddess is always there, though occasionally, she might not express herself or be forgotten. Life’s many distractions can keep her suppressed, so take time as often as possible to evoke and honor her.

How Do I Connect with My Inner Goddess?

Spend time alone in an area conducive to introspection. Understand when your divine feminine hasn’t had the opportunity to shine or has been under too much pressure from outside forces. Hold a ceremony or do something for yourself focused on self-reflection and self-appreciation.

It may be worthwhile to set up a space in your home where you can set aside time for rituals related to self-care and reflection. Going out and spending time in nature is also another great place to put you in the right mindset to honor your inner goddess. Anywhere that’s quiet, peaceful, and allows you to go within.

10 Ways to Honor Your Inner Goddess

If you’re ready to reignite your feminine side, here’s how to get started:

1. Guard your being time

Take back your feminine power by booking in some much needed 'me' time to reconnect with your inner self. Whether it’s morning meditation, an afternoon catnap, or watching the sunset, treat this time like any other appointment by not canceling on yourself to do the laundry or more work.

2. Be open to receiving

Receptivity is the essence of feminine energy, enabling us to live in the flow instead of frustration. Next time someone offers you a compliment or support, graciously say, Thank you! And don’t be afraid to ask for help from family, best friends, kids, peers, and professionals. Remember, the more you allow yourself to receive, the more you have to give.

3. Surround yourself with beauty

Turn your personal space into a goddess sanctuary by clearing out clutter and adding things that delight your senses and your spirit. Try beautiful plants and fresh flowers, essential oils, lush fabrics, wind chimes, seashells, crystals, or other gifts from Mother Nature. Adorn your walls with art and pictures that uplift and inspire you. Make every part of your home fit for the divine goddess that you are and that reflects your inner beauty.

4. Nourish your dreams

Just as we conceive and support babies in our wombs, the Goddess approach to manifesting our desires is to nurture them while they are still ideas and daydreams. As we cultivate quiet time to connect with our inner vision and guidance, we take action from a place of joy and trust. In doing so, we birth our dreams into being in divinely inspired ways and divinely perfect times, just as we do our babies.

5. Slow down and relish

Multitasking is not the way of the Goddess, especially when it comes to appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Instead, become fully present and engage all your senses to enjoy daily delights: inhale the scent of your morning coffee and sip it slowly, let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth, stop power walking, and savor the sights.

6. Love your body

Aphrodite had small breasts, a soft belly, and full hips. Her huntress niece, goddess Artemis was lanky and lean. Do you think they apologized for their shapes? Heck no. They owned their bodies’ divinity to express their goddess’ gifts, be they love or tenacity. Embrace your own body as a beautiful, sacred vessel for your spirit to experience itself and treat it with the love and reverence it deserves.

7. Live from your heart

We are naturally feeling beings, but life’s busyness can hinder us from hearing the voice of our hearts – the true source of our happiness. Reconnect by placing your hands on your chest and resting your awareness in this sacred space. Here, the mind’s constant activity will surrender to the heart’s calm clarity, leading you to live in greater faith and deeper love.

8. Connect with divine energy

Instantly connect with Goddess energy by spending time with Mother Earth. Walk barefoot on the grass and lie on the ground. Release all your cares to her for healing and transmutation. Allow her to hold you in her loving embrace and fill you with maternal love. Doing this regularly will help you become a strong and grounded goddess in your own world.

9. Honor your boundaries

Forget trying to please everyone and love yourself enough to say no to draining demands. Bless and release toxic relationships and patterns while keeping the lessons and growth. Stand firm in the power of an authentic no. A goddess isn’t a superwoman who does it all but a happy woman who does only what she wants and values.

10. Infuse your life with ritual

Goddess traditions are full of rituals because they bring deeper meaning and sacredness to any act. Invite extra blessings into your daily activities by turning them into mini ceremonies. A great place to start is your existing sadhana (daily spiritual practice), by perhaps creating a meditation altar where you can light a candle, burn incense, play music, and offer flowers.

While effort and achievement will always have their place in the world, balancing them with sacred feminine practices will bring us much greater flow and fulfillment. As we learn to be as much as we do, the inner Goddess and God meet in divine union, creating perfect yin-yang harmony within and without. Now that is something worth striving for.


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