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The Great Mystical Surrender | Guided Meditation & Transmission

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The Great Surrender is perceived as the Mystical Void, the dissolved form of consciousness, when all beings are dissolved in sleep in the supreme Brahman, having swallowed the entire universe. The Void exists in the forms of sleep, lack of memory, illusion, and dullness in the creatures immersed in the illusion of the world. It is the power that destroys all thoughts. The Void is a nameless silence. The Form realizes the formless essence, and there is no existence apart from one's own self-consciousness.

To experience the Great Surrender, Slow down and become more present.

Surrender any control and stop for a moment, doing absolutely nothing. Surrender any familiarities you have of yourself. Surrender the universal knowledge and any knowledge you have accumulated. Return back to the Emptiness of the Void, to the Mystical Unknown.

The Void is the Causal Plane from where the Law of Cause and Effect arises that governs all that happens in the universe and life. Embrace the unknown, the formless, the mystical present void.

Format; Video
Duration: 17:35

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