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We are in a great awakening!

We are facing a unique lifetime, a particular yet uncomfortable time. We are amid a great awakening. Our Soul has been waiting for this moment for eons. The awakening of consciousness, the remembrance of who we indeed are, reclaiming all aspects of our being, returning to the heart, that which truly makes us human.


At this time, we are facing the return of the Divine Feminine. 

What is Feminine energy?

The world is suffering from a lack of divine feminine energy. At this moment in time, the Feminine force is being restored and balanced so that harmony can be bestowed upon this Earth. Compassion, kindness, and love will heal all the distortions on this planet. It is time to go beyond all differences and realize that we are one already. Altogether, we can strengthen the light and love to anchor a higher consciousness right here and NOW. Let us create beauty and love altogether. Awaken your divine essence and be the example the world needs to see right now. May we be blessed with love in our deepest hearts, to have all the strength necessary to move through these times!

Why do we need Feminine energy in the world? 

We have a great thirst for the nourishing, compassionate, and refined aspects of the sacred feminine. For centuries, this is because the power and wisdom of the Divine Feminine have been misunderstood, disregarded, and disrespected. The lack of feminine energy is a serious problem in our society. The suppression and manipulation of this great force resulted in our disconnectedness from the feminine principles. Essentially, humanity has been disconnected from their higher intelligence - the heart, and thus from everything that flows through it. This very state of disconnectedness created a significant distortion in the form of separation. If we take a closer look at the past hundred years of history, humanity has been living in almost permanent chaos and confusion. We have lost the ability to feel, to be intuitive, compassionate, and sensitive.

The feminine force must be restored in order to heal the distortions of the past. We must bring the heart back into our lives.   


The restoration of the heart will assist in uniting humanity and usher a gradual movement back to harmony and beauty on earth as well as within each human being. The awakening of the divine-human is our birthright!  The society we live in today is shaped by the masculine aspects that reinforce the normalcy of a patriarchal culture based on racial and gender inequality, power games, rationalism, and success. Given the level of dysfunction in our present society, it is easy to see how essential the role of the feminine force is in terms of the psycho-spiritual development of a human being, irrespective of their sex.


LOVE is a universal language, everyone knows love! In this very life, we are here to return from separation and division to unconditional love, which resides within all of us. We have to re-remember it! The transition we are currently experiencing demands of us, humanity as a whole, that we return to love, harmony, kindness, and compassion.


We are returning to unconditional love: a Love without conditions, a Love which is free, open, pure, and without limitations or dysfunctions. 

How can you become an integral part of this process? You have the power to heal this earth!

We are experiencing a shift in consciousness through this body-mind vehicle as our dysfunctions are being dismantled. This is not a comfortable process. The opposite of unconditional love is division, separation, hurt, pain, judgment, and blame. The level of dysfunction in the world is overwhelming at this time. We can only feel whole, complete, and in harmony with our true essence and nature once we harmonize the feminine and masculine energies within us. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies - male/female, Yan/Yin, sun/earth, light/dark, left brain/right brain, and Shiva/Shakti. We have been conditioned by society to always be in our masculine - to set goals, meet strict deadlines, and be in the doing mode all the time. It is time to give way to the feminine force and become more expressive, intuitive, flexible, nurturing, compassionate, and flowing.

Lack lies at the base of all dysfunction. Once we embrace, allow, and accept our shadows or dysfunctions, we can integrate them. Integration brings embodiment so that you can walk your talk. We have a lot to learn from the Feminine Force, reminding us to give permission to ourselves to stop pushing against the grain and stop being hard on ourselves. This Feminine Force was ripped out of us for a very long time. Through the reintegration of this Feminine Force, which is also a return to love, we shall bring harmony, unity, and balance to the Earth.


Choosing an action from love moment to moment will integrate a higher consciousness!

How can we support you?

Our mission is to provide you with new education, effective practices, transmissions, and individually tailored guidance at the New Humanity Life. We offer monthly “Divine Love Online Meditation" meetings to address timely topics that help us discover the Feminine Force's myriad faces. Our YouTube channel is filled with great free content! Look for our Podcasts as we release new and free-range every week. 

Lyonne Sundari offers private sessions focusing on powerful activations and transmissions; Goddess Essence retreats, the Divine Love Online Course, and the Conscious Relationships Online Course at the Stress Free Center and worldwide!   ​

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