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"Service to Others is the way to Happiness" - Mindo
We are creating a pool of volunteers who joyfully dedicate their time, energy, and talent to help support and bring forward the teachings of New Humanity Divine Life. In this way you can contribute right now to a grand mission: Upgrading Humanity's Consciousness.
The work can vary from writing video transcriptions, articles, doing research, editing pictures with quotes, making short videos, social media marketing, technical support and more. Our volunteers are essential to the operations of New Humanity Foundation. Because of their generosity New Humanity Foundation is able to bring the teachings to a much larger community all around the world. So your help is greatly appreciated by everyone!


By offering your selfless service, you will receive a lot of energy and joy. This service reaches not only New Humanity Foundation, but a large part of Humanity too. 
By dedicating 10 minutes a day or more with no matter how small and simple tasks, you can help others to learn of a new way of living and help them with awakening to their Boundless Freedom and Joy!
Service to Others can be a natural way to deepen your connection with the community and the teachings, or it can be a spontaneous expression of gratitude or truth. 
Also you get to dive in deeply to the New Humanity initiatives as you work with them, and you will often be the first to see new content!

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