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Awareness Beyond Experience (Guided Meditation)

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This meditation brings you into your Natural Awareness that is beyond any Experiences. Your Awareness is like the movie screen where all life experiences come and go. Your Awareness is the stable background of your life, as it is the natural seeing of Source Consciousness. When you settle into your Awareness, you can watch the thoughts and emotions come and go like a stream. The observation of these streams from the light of your Natural Awareness dissolves them with ease. This practice will help you see the Natural Awareness that is shining through every experience. Your Awareness feels no pain, has no problems and is the most restful place from which to live your life.

Sat Mindo is a fully realized teacher whose life is dedicated to assisting others in raising their level of consciousness. His meditations carry a strong energetic frequency that acts as a boost to help quicken your spiritual evolution.

Format: Video
Duration: 19:59

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