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Daily Practices - Beginners Guide

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Welcome to New Humanity Life, your New and Wonderful Life awaits you! Our recommended Daily Practices are here to support your spiritual journey to your Natural Full Consciousness. They will help to improve your health, increase your Life Force energy, and help you in the cultivation of spiritual energy and start rising up to a higher consciousness. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Five Tibetan Rites that will give you an abundance of vitality every day. Right after Five Tibetans, you can do Alternate Nostril Breathing and Bhastrika. Then, follow with a Golden Life Force Energy Meditation for a short daily routine. At the end of the course, you will also learn a longer daily routine for more benefits on your spiritual path to your Full Consciousness. You will learn how to Purify and Protect your energies, how to Connect to the Source daily, as well as how to have a healthy reboot during the busy day, so you may have 2 days' worth of energy for your accelerated highway to your Natural Boundless Self. May the wonderful journey begin! with love and blessings, Sat Mindo & Lyonne Premananda

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