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Awakening Consciousness
of God Within
3 Day Online Zoom Retreat 
28-30th June 2024

Full Consciousness Transmissions ~ Divine Love ~ Awareness Awakening ~ Meetings in Truth ~ Meditations ~ Q&A

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3 Day Online Retreat Includes:


  • 5 Meetings with Sat Mindo Damalis

  • 3 Full Consciousness Transmissions

  • Guided Meditations

  • Meetings in Truth

  • Divine Way of the Self

  • Self-Enquiry into Your Deepest Self

  • Channel of Bliss (Inner Sun) Opening

  • Personal Blessings

  • Inner Guidance

  • Soulful Dialogues

  • Time for Questions & Answers

Invitation to Your Natural Self

What is the Retreat Focus?

Join us from the comfort of your home to experience 3 days of Meetings in Truth, Meditations, Q&A & 3 Full Consciousness Transmissions with Sat Mindo.

The focus of this retreat is the "Awakening of the Consciousness of God Within." During this retreat, we will create a sacred retreat space with the intention to cultivate an environment of peace, tranquility, and spiritual receptivity.

​​Together as a group, we will delve deep and reveal each key stage of God's identity, which is a profound exploration of your inner divine nature, coming ever closer to abiding in the presence of God's Consciousness.

​​In this transformative and spiritually enriching retreat, we will explore our relationship with the Divine and allow your Soul to ascend higher and closer to the True Home.

Abiding in the presence of God's Consciousness signifies the aspiration to merge with the divine essence, transcending the limitations of the individual ego and embracing the unity of all existence.​​

This is the perfect opportunity for you to go deeper into your inner work, to have a transformative and enlightening experience, and to receive personal guidance to assist you on your spiritual path.
HOW do Online Retreat Sessions differ from regular Thursday meetings?

🌟At the Online retreat, each session is usually longer, up to 2 hours

🌟We dedicate more time for meditation and silence for deeper integration

🌟Everyone is given time to ask questions

🌟Time for personal advice/enquiry into your obstacles and how to move forward

🌟3 Transmissions that are more personal and more time is given with an individual focus

💗Guidance & Connecting with your Divine Eternal Soul to see what it would like to reveal to you at this time


Benefits of Online Retreat

Profound spiritual meetings from the comfort of your home
Easy Access from anywhere in the world
No need to travel - saves you time and expenses for accommodation and food

Meetings with Sat Mindo online are as effective as meetings in person
Sat Mindo has a unique gift of seeing your personal energy field, chakras,

the density of the mind and consciousness.

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Awakening Consciousness of God Within
Retreat Program

(Times are GMT+2 Malta - check local time here)

Friday Jun 28th

19:00 - 21:00 Retreat Opening

Meeting in Truth with

Full Consciousness Transmission

Saturday Jun 29th

14:30 - 16:00 Meeting in Truth & Meditation

19:00 - 20:30 Meeting in Truth with

Full Consciousness Transmission

Sunday Jun 30th

14:30 - 16:00 Meeting in Truth & Meditation

19:00 - 21:00 Meeting in Truth with

Full Consciousness Transmission

Retreat Closing

NOTE: Sometimes the sessions can take up to 2hr

If you would miss a session, video replays will be available 1hr after

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Booking and Payments

Tuition Fee €333

Bank Wire Details:
Name: Mindaugas Damalis
IBAN: MT45VALL22013000000040022315021

Bank Address:  58 Zachary Street Valletta, VLT1130 Malta
Reference: Online Retreat

PayPal Details:

PayPal Email:

(please add €12 for PayPal fees, otherwise send a payment for
"friend & family" so there are no PayPal transfer fees)

Booking Terms

Our Online Retreat rates are Euro per person. PayPal and Bank transfers are accepted as payments.

Cancellation Policy: Non-Refundable after Jun 12th 2024

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Sat Mindo

Sat Mindo is a spiritual teacher, author, and founder of New Humanity Divine Marga. For over a decade, he has been assisting students worldwide in opening to Non-Duality, Enlightenment, Divine, and Natural Full Consciousness. As a result, over a thousand people have benefited from his unique Full Consciousness Transmission and permanently raised their Consciousness.

There are now 45 Enlightenment Consciousness Realized Students!

Sat Mindo offers crystal-clear insights into the steps of Enlightenment, supporting and guiding you through every aspect of your awakening to the Natural Self (Sahaja Consciousness).

Sat Mindo holds weekly online LIVE Meditation Meetings, Satsangs, Teacher Training Courses, and International Retreats. Mindo lives on the Maltese Islands and is available to anyone who truly seeks to return to the Freedom, Joy, and Bliss of their Full Consciousness.

For further information visit:

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Online Retreat Experiences

Looking forward to seeing you at the
Awakening Consciousness of God Within Retreat
with Blessings and Love
Sat Mindo

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