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Relationships Course, Module 2: Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy

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Many people would say that sex is as good as it gets because sex is where most people experience bliss, release, silence, or peace. This material essentially calls for our willingness to look into our own lives and see how our sense of happiness and self-worth is somehow linked to our identity as sexual beings. Thus, regeneration of struggle, tension, acquisition, and loss lock us into a deeply conditioned way of living.

These powerful teachings shall illuminate what is keeping us away from living a fulfilled life. Once again, the focus is on the primary relationship, which is with ourselves, from an energetic perspective. In this regard, these sessions offer a new way of looking at sexual energy as we learn useful practices to transmute and transform it into a higher form of energy; use it for healing, meditation, creativity, and the activation of our energy centers. To rightly utilize this potent force, we must learn to balance our lower chakras, the seats of our densest social, cultural, and familial conditioning. This approach leads us to a higher state of consciousness as we gradually move closer to our untethered being, shedding everything that stands in its way.

Format: Video

Duration: 4 Sessions, 1:00:32, 1:13:17, 59:35, 57:16

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