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Column of Light of Awareness

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Realization of Awareness is a certain directness of Being. However, one might become aware of this process as a Perforation of Radiant Awareness, lighting you up in your brain and witnessing as an illumination radiating in and through your entire being, bringing more softness and lightness. Once you awaken to the radiant light of awareness, you notice this illumination perforating through a density that hasn't received this light before; like pores opening up, the light starts to shine through your Being. It is an enlightening process of bringing light of awareness through.

In Awareness, the sense of separation from others is significantly decreased. The world seems less of a problem, and life seems to flow more smoothly. The subconscious material is still surfacing to clear, but this material is increasingly more subtle and easier to manage.

What is Consciousness Transmission?
Consciousness is all-pervading and is present in every particle of nature. A teacher is transferring the consciousness-energy towards the lower density of the student, and it activates a higher level of consciousness as well as helps to clear the obstacles. This awakening, activation, and clearing are easily possible through Consciousness Transmission.

Format: Video
Duration: 41:48

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