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Vision of the New Humanity Foundation

Vision New Humanity Foundation
  • Where we create the future as we live the future in the present.
  • To set an example of the New Consciousness of humanity.
  • Provide education, practical knowledge, and ways to reach maximum human potential.
  • A multi-generational focus on the root issues and not the symptoms.
  • A global force uniting humanity and all beings to live in a free, peaceful, and loving way.
  • Initiating and supporting projects sharing the vision of the new era of humanity.

Mission of the New Humanity Foundation

New Humanity Life is dedicated to promoting conscious living, self-realization, and the advancement of human consciousness in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and abroad through educational programs, community-based projects, and humanitarian assistance, as well as to advance any purpose that is exclusively charitable under the laws of the said countries.

We are registered as a non-profit organization in Malta as New Humanity Foundation VO/1644 and pending formation in the UK as New Humanity Foundation.

Our Outreach

Book, Live Event Access and Course Donations

We donate Sat Mindo's transformational book "Enlightened Authentic Self" and provide, upon application, complimentary access to Live events with Sat Mindo and Lyonne Premananda, as well as online courses to those who have financial difficulties.


Thank you for your interest in donating to the New Humanity Foundation. Our mission is to upgrade the Consciousness of Humanity. Our intention is to run our organization in a way that sustains our ability to share these teachings widely and to make them accessible to everyone. The money that is received by our organization goes directly to our mission and no one individual profits from donations that we receive. 

You may make a Donation on this Page >>

Love, Presence, Devotion, Truth
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