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The Great Unknown | Talk & Guided Meditation

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The Great Void is a complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN. It is a surrender of all universal knowledge that one has gained in the previous Awareness/Universal Self Consciousness. All that has been revealed must go back to the Emptiness of the Void to be more liberated and relieved from Knowing.

The Knower can now rest from Knowing, experiencing a lightness of not knowing, and simply being open in Awareness. Many teachers who stay at this level of consciousness develop a mystical or self-contradictory approach to their teachings since they no longer rely on Knowing and enjoy the Unknown.

This initiation is also known as the Causal Plane of existence, from where the Law of Cause and Effect arises, governing all that happens in the universe and one's life.

In a deep sleep state, one is also in a state of "Unconsciousness." With the strength of the Light of Awareness gained in the previous level of consciousness, a seeker can now stay aware even in the unconscious state. When awareness penetrates the unconsciousness, that is the next step of Enlightenment, beyond the universal womb and into the Divine. Usually, this happens via Grace, which pulls one out of the universe and into the Divine. Grace is given either by one's own Self, by divine beings, or by another Self-Realized/Enlightened teacher.

In a cosmic sense, the Universal Void is the un-manifested Womb of the Universe. It is from the Dark Matter where the Galaxies and stars are born. The Great Void is not a Cosmic Space like in Presence, nor a black hole or singularity experience; the Void is prior to that. There are many black holes and singularities in the universe, but the Void is the Shell of the Universe, like the Shell of an Egg.

Format: Video
Duration: 1:04:33

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