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Soulful Journey (4 Meditations)

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Isn’t it time to integrate your highest version of yourself, ground higher consciousness, and reactivate all the gifts you were born to share? If it is a YES, join Lyonne Sundari for an incredibly healing and Soulful awakening journey into the heart of hearts.

Find out more about Soulful Journey here.

The Soulful Journey consists of 4 High-Quality Recorded Sessions and Guided Meditations

Session 1: Deepening & Redirecting the focus to I AM, Bliss Transmission (Amrita Nadi), The channel of Bliss Consciousness.

During this session, we familiarise ourselves with inner silence and ease and redirect our focus and attention back to the source of our being.

Format: Video
Duration: 01:29:57

Session 2: Soul Knowledge | 12 Strands DNA Repair | Crystalline Liquid Transmission & Upgrade

During this meeting, we discuss the Consciousness of our Souls and the importance of activating and restoring our DNA Structure, awakening dormant codes, reprogramming what doesn't serve us, and keeping up limited in this NOW. The transmission has a special ingredient of pure energy that lightens every cell of your being. This light is a gift to yourself!

Format: Video
Duration: 01:19:46

Session 3: The Wound of Separation | Discussions | Healing Heart & Soul | Soul Retrieval

During this meeting, we discuss the core wound of separation and investigate deeper where it originates. The guided meditation is intended to heal and restore anything you are aware of that holds the initial contraction of pain in the heart and soul and within the sense of separation. A deeper part of the meditation is taking it to the soul level and retrieving past life experiences that require restoration and healing.

Format: Video
Duration: 01:01:34

Session 4: Blessing & Transmission of Pure Love with Anandamayi Ma

A gift and celebration at the end of the retreat, Anandamayi Ma`s Presence blesses us with her pure love and bliss, supporting us to surrender to the divine will. Grace showers upon us, uplifting the heaviness through the silver ray of energy.

Format: Video
Duration: 33:40

"Be honest with yourself, and nothing will betray you."

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