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Relationships & Intimacy 12 Week Online Course

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This Relationship Course Helps You Discover New Ways to Become Intimate with Yourself and Another From the most Unconditional Place Within You.

12-Session Online Course with a Special Bonus! Find out more about this course here.

  • 45 minutes of One-on-One meeting with Lyonne when you have completed the course to have the possibility to ask any questions and share your experiences with this course. Value of €120! Please email to book your session.
  • In the newest version of this course, Lyonne has added a new module on Unconditional Love. This video material contains many successful tools that help you increase your Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. This material is BLUEPRINT FOR REAL SELF LOVE. Value of €95!

  • Experience much more peaceful and harmonious Relationships
  • Stop relating to another from a place of conditioning
  • Stop experiencing the same cycles in your Relationships over and over again
  • Not be anxious about breakups
  • Stop worrying whether you will ever find the right partner
  • Have long-term Relationships
  • Have ecstatic Sexual experiences


  • The same proven practices many people have used to create a real loving connection with themselves and others
  • The way to connect to Divine Love
  • How to use Sacred Sexuality to experience the deepest Intimacy
  • How to use Sacred Sexuality even without a partner to experience Pleasure and Fulfilment
  • How to stay present with the given Energies and Dynamics of your Relationship so that you learn a totally new way of Relating
  • How to unplug from the conditioning of Society and Hollywood to create Authentic love connections that are not based on Fantasies and Glamorous Ideas
  • Learn how to transform Apathy, Depression, Grief, Sadness, Fear, and Desire into unconditional Love
  • Create a much deeper connection with your own body and increase its sensitivity and openness to receive
  • Learn to let go of the limitations of the past and fully accept your present moment
  • Meet in the deepest Heart - Intimacy - Presence
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