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Relationships Course, Module 3: Presence & New Ways of Relating

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The most intimate relationship is already here within you! Module three, consisting of four powerful video sessions plus a special bonus video, helps you to get to know yourself deeper in Presence. Once you have purified and processed the past's conditioned energies, you will have access to Presence Consciousness. It becomes available to you through deep stillness and silence, for it is a state beyond the five senses and time itself.

Staying centered neutrally in your experience without the need to understand or judge what it is, you transcend the mind. It is a process of continuous re-centering and re-balancing. Presence is transcendent of energy; it is here now neutrally. When two beings meet from the place of their deepest self, it is a true meeting.

Format: Video

Duration: 4 Sessions, 1:05:11, 49:51, 57:22, 52:34 + Special Bonus Video 1:00:37

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