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The understanding or feeling state of the heart varies depending on the state of consciousness—the level of openness and depth. 

Wherever one's consciousness is, there is always an opportunity to know a deeper heart, a closer heart, a more true heart. The key is surrender. Are you willing to surrender to your Absolute Heart?

The most natural and open heart is the Absolute Heart. Fully open to the Is-ness of any moment. It expresses the highest form of Love, which is the pure light of consciousness itself. As our consciousness level descended from the Atlantean times, our heart also decreased its capacity to know love and be that pure light of consciousness.

This chart we created explains the different levels and states of the heart`s consciousness. These states are a transition to the Absolute Heart. 

We have the states of the heart, the path of love, and the expressions of God. At every level, in every state, in every dimension, and in every plane of existence, there is the expression of God. It is for everyone to realize and acknowledge that within oneself.


And the way we do that is by going within and looking deep into the inner horizon. The different states, dimensions, vibrations, and tonalities. Light is information presented by these states of consciousness and it is not something separate from one another, but rather what is encompassing from the beyond. The white, bright, radiant light encompasses all the states of the heart.


From above, from the highest openness, that light is always there. It's just that from the level of the emotional heart, you can't see what's there, but it's already present. In the oneness and unity, there is an ocean of pink light, which represents the expansion of love. It encompasses the inner light, acceptance, and the emotional heart.


Your absolute heart, this boundless love and mercy, encompasses everything else. By knowing how to navigate step by step, we come to open up and access what has been dismissed, forgotten, or overlooked. As we move up the scale, from the state of being to the state of the heart, our concept of God changes. It changes according to our progress, our openness, and our realization. Therefore, the divine, as we know it, grows progressively vaster, more encompassing, increasingly powerful, and filled with greater love.

12 States Of The Heart

Emotional Heart

Identification with this type of love is a feeling of emotional love. This love is the most conditional love, usually protected by fear, and has strong concepts of how love should look like. A person may hold a lot of pain from the past and is afraid he/she will get hurt again, thus keeping the heart protected with fear and insecurities, thinking that’s how they can escape from being hurt again. The emotional heart is very limited and usually feels very heavy.

How to heal the Emotional Heart

As a person starts to evolve, one very soon realizes that the way out of this heaviness is to forgive and accept ourselves, be free from past life experiences, and heal our past straight from our hearts. One must forgive the past, forgive oneself, and accept reality as it occurred and unfolded in life. People usually process the heaviest emotions being released. It is a phase of letting go of the past by completing the cycles by practicing self-acceptance, forgiveness, and allowance.

Inner Wisdom / Forgiveness

When the hearts open to Inner Wisdom. A deeper understanding and spiritual wisdom start being attained. Inner Light awakens. The heart becomes illuminated for the first time. Lightness and initial freedom are experienced. The heart's inner voice becomes more evident and real in your everyday life. The heart starts showing you the way as the intuition becomes more ripened. You are awakening the higher self. 

Inner Love

When Inner Love awakens, the ocean of love is experienced, and one realizes that everything is made of Love. The heart opens to feel one another. It's like a flower blooming. Happiness and Joy arise. Here is where you enter the heavenly realm. Heaven awakens within the heart. Joy, Serenity, and all the beautiful qualities of the heart give a glimpse of the capacity to love oneself and another. A honeymoon love. Here becomes a process of healing with self-love.


Here is when the heart opens into becoming one with the planetary consciousness, the oneness of love. You are feeling Oneness and connectedness with nature and one with another. You feel that you belong, and you awaken to a higher desire to want and change the world around you. The light body (Merkaba) activates.

Presence of the Heart and Soul 

The awakening of the Presence of Heart and Soul is a profound opening. Expanding and deepening into the depths of your being. The Heart and Soul unite and function together in Presence. A deep great emptiness that is vast and open, is experienced as deep peace and silence within. The Soul shines forth and a deeper Soul healing occurs from this depth.

Non-Dual Heart 

It takes some maturing into presence until one ripens and surrenders into the Non-Dual Heart. A learning process of dual energies, emotions that the non-dual heart had the awareness to recognize these polarities within it. This heart now understands it's not about good or bad or right or wrong. It can merely see both ends of the same energy stream. Easier to digest. When the heart processes most of the dualities, it matures and opens to greater knowledge.

The Heart of All-ness 

Universal Intelligence is now accessing the heart. Awareness becomes more evident. Very bright and valuable. The heart feels very abundant and has access to knowledge and enlightened nature. It`s a state of I am All-ness. All with everything in the manifested world/worlds. Your heart encompasses the Universe like a second honeymoon return.

The Unknown Mysticism 

At some point, if you are still willing to surrender further, you must allow all this attainment to go to deepen into the unknown. The Great Unknown. The dark matter. The unconsciousness. The light of awareness is so intense that it seeps and penetrates the depths of the unconscious heart. It is lightening what you haven't had access to till this point—stepping into an unknown heart—a very mystical state.

Divine Love Union 

One matures and opens a beautiful divine marriage when one completes the cycles from deep unconsciousness. A marriage with the Divine Heart. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Merges. An experience of merging in union with divine love. A celebration of Divine love. The highest form of the feminine and the masculine meet. The heart gets blessed by Divine Grace. Your heart becomes a Graceful heart and genuinely compassionate heart.

Truthful Heart 

The next opening is into the Truth Body. The Heart becomes illuminated with all left to be seen and cleared out of the way. Every root cause, every little cloud that is in the way, and any concept still lingering, is lifted by the clarity of truth, Consciousness, and bliss. Clearing and cleaning the last bits in the way, illuminating like thunder, unhooking from its root core.

The Absolute Heart

Up to a moment when the clear shield or glass around these heartbreaks, every concept dies; it's like hitting the bottom and cracking open. The Absolute Heart is Now Here. The most natural state of love Is Present. Love beyond birth or death. Love that can`t be broken. Love is not opposing anything—love, which IS. Love is complete within itself. Love is fully fulfilled by itself. Eternal love. Love that is Freedom. A powerless Power. A Stateless State. Consciousness Itself.

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