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Awakening & Attunement


with Lyonne Sundari

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New Humanity School

Chakra Opening & Balancing
Opening Higher Potential


Release stress & worry about the present, past & future

Experience a Quantum Shift

Unblock and clear stagnant energies

Experience Deeper connection & intuition

Increase your Nervous System capacity

Create more space within

Open to Higher Consciousness.

Awaken your Inner Light

If you have little or no experience, don’t worry!


Balanced | Connected | Inspired


The meditations and techniques assist in the harmonization of your

energy centers, allowing greater clarity to arise from your Higher Self.


Instantly feel less anxious & stressed as you connect to the deeper resources available within yourself through the guided meditations.


Use your Quantum Brain Power to give your productivity a boost,

awaken your creativity & focus in seconds.


You will learn: 

  • About the 7 Major Chakras and their influence in your life

  • How to balance your Kundalini

  • Meditations for Kundalini Shakti

  • About the human energy system and the electromagnetic energy field

  • How to optimize and heal your nervous system

  • High Vibrational Health for assisting in raising your vibration

  • A meditation to optimize and boost your brain capacity

  • How to expand your Consciousness

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Who is this course for?

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Kundalini Energy in depth, as well as the 7 Chakras System, Nadis and Life Force Energy - whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your previous knowledge.

clarity of the guided meditations make them beneficial for everyonefrom beginners to seasoned meditators alike.

For anyone already practicing meditation and 
energy work who wants to expand their awareness and bring greater depth to their practice. 

Anyone who would like to obtain a solid foundation of daily practices to continuously heal and balance their nervous system.

The Kundalini Course has been designed to offer you immediate and tangible results in a simple and supportive way.


Lyonne is a way-shower and guide who teaches from a Non-Dual perspective and intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential to become empowered and awakened to the inherent truth within. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, healer, and mentor.
Lyonnes’ transmissions have a special quality of Loving Presence, which is both powerful and radiant, melting and merging with your heart. Lyonne teaches a powerful way to unconditionally remain in your deepest being so that you can gradually dissolve your sense of separation.
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Course Modules


Module 1

  • What the Chakras are and what they do

  • Discussion of each of the 7 Major Chakras

  • Interaction of Chakras with meridians and endocrine system

  • Torus electromagnetic energy field

  • What is the aura


Module 2

  • Healing Meditation for the Chakras and body

  • Bringing attention to each chakra for healing and balance

  • Bringing attention into the Present moment

  • Nervous system and brain healing

  • Energetic transmission for spiritual growth


Module 3

  • Enter the Quantum Field of infinite potentiality

  • Energetic transmission to speed your spiritual development 

  • Healing from the zero point energy field

  • Increase brain and nervous system capacity

Reviews & Experiences

Reine Kabban, Lebanon

For me, Lyonne is the kind of spiritual teacher that is genuinely rooted in a presence and energy that invokes true meeting with the higher self! Her way is so subtle and gentle, and before you know it, you are accessing a part of yourself that you didn't know was possible.


Doris Alsford, UK

Life leads me to this excellent teacher that has guided me to realize my value, depth, and capacity to love. She has shown me my natural gifts and unique expression that I can share with others and celebrate myself. I am so blessed to have met her. Her support and guidance have lifted and transformed me and my life, and now I can be of service in my daily life to others, just by being myself. I have also learned how to hold space in a loving presence for another and bring through my higher self to give them the message they need to hear and provide them with space for their inquiry and revelations. Whether you are called to go on a retreat, online course, or work one to one or like me all of it, it is of unmatched value you are investing in yourself, and you realize your real purpose on this earth lead by a real-life goddess.


Alba Florian Viton, Malta

For me, Lyonne is the kind of spiritual teacher that is genuinely rooted in a presence and energy that invokes true meeting with the higher self! Her way is so subtle and gentle, and before you know it, you are accessing a part of yourself that you didn't know was possible.

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Bonus #1:  7 Chakras Workbook

38 Page Comprehensive Workbook

  • What Chakras are and how they work

  • Detailed descriptions of Chakras and their importance

  • Chakra Life Themes

  • Chakra Imbalances

  • Balancing Chakras with Color

  • Chakra balancing with Food

  • Affirmations to heal & balance Chakras 

Bonus #2:  5 Additional Topics

Access to 5 Amazing Topics & Videos

  • High Vibrational Health & Supplements

  • Daily Practices

  • Life Force Energy (Prana/Chi)

  • Kundalini Energy & 7 Chakras

  • Opening Your Quantum Brain Capacity

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Kundalini Course.JPG
Portrait of beautiful woman and global communication network concept. AI(Artificial Intell

What is a Quantum Shift?

Do you feel like you could live a better life and you want to Quantum shift to a new reality? Is there a better version you already created? There is an infinite number of realities that exist around you if you use the right techniques, energy, and methods.

When you match the vibration of the new life you want to create, you can access (or jump) to it. Your parallel reality already exists and people often don’t understand how it works and all the possibilities that are open to them.

A popular belief is that quantum shifting is similar to taking a big leap of faith which is contrary to what it is. The difference is that wanting something emits a vibration that you still don’t have, as opposed to feeling that you already have it.

Quantum shifting is similar to the laws of attraction.  You attract everything to yourself because your past experiences continue to resonate with the “vibration” of that reality.  The technique to jump realities is to shift your energy into the reality you want.

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The Kundalini Course Includes:

  • Opening & Balancing 7 Chakras

  • Human Energy System Introduction

  • Opening Your Quantum Brain Capacity

  • Bonus #1: 7 Chakras Workbook

  • Bonus #2: 5 Additional Supportive Topics

  • Private On Going Group Support

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Limited time sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements?

A desire to bring healing and balance to your life is the only requirement!  If you have a desire to evolve spiritually, to improve your life, heal your emotions, and expand your awareness, that's all that's needed.

How long does it take to complete the course?

This course is designed to take at your own pace.  You could complete it in as little as one week, but may benefit from taking several weeks to fully absorb the information and allow the healing to occur.  You will have the modules and meditations in your possession to repeat as many times as desired to continue your healing journey.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone at any point in their spiritual journey.  Beginners will gain understanding of the concepts of chakras, spirituality and transformation. The comprehensive explorations and advanced but easy-to-follow meditations will allow current meditators and spiritual adepts to deepen their understanding and practice.

How will it support me Emotionally?

Not only will this reduce your stress and anxiety, but it can also help you in other ways emotionally. It makes you self-aware, so you can see how you may be hindering yourself.

This also boosts your self-esteem. You will start to feel better, and you will find yourself with more energy than you used to have. It helps you even out your moods, so you aren’t having as many highs and lows.

Your moods won’t be so up and down, and you can find more control when you react to a situation. These ups and downs can be detrimental not only to your emotional health but to your physical and spiritual health. 

Is it effective on a Physical level?

The health of the body is an indicator of the functioning of the Chakras and energy system.  This course aims to encourage balance and healing of the Chakras, nervous system, and energy body to relect on the health of the physical body. Additionally, the information on High Vibrational foods and supplements will assist in making nutritional adjustments to heal the body.

What is the difference between our course and others?

The Kundalini Course offers the energetic support of a self-realized teacher.  Such support is crucial on your spiritual path, because without this, such information can be just dry or intellectual knowledge.. Learning the concepts is useful and important, but the addition of the energetic transmission of a realized teacher acts as an ignition to start or further charge your spiritual evolution and healing.

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